October 29, 2002

This'll never be a movie

Green Bay, Wisconsin, police had the easiest car chase and capture in the history of policing. Well, it'd have to be pretty close.

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October 28, 2002

Pop star has panties in a wad

Oh, this is a shame.

Come-back pop singer Kylie Minogue is upset because someone is trying to auction off her "knickers," as Reuters calls them.

Alas, I can't comment anymore on this. This is a family blog, you know.

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Not that I'm likely to go anywhere...

But this is a pretty cool way to figure out how far it is from here to there, wherever here and there are.

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Serious weirdness

A website about dead musicians, and how they got that way. Actually very interesting, if you like the macabre. Which I tend to.

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Ga-ga for Java!

Ah-ha! I knew there was a reason for my genius, er, well, manic wit.

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Uh oh

Now they tell me.

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Casting Call

bad samaritan, another excellent group blog of which I am a member, is looking for new authors. There are several Blogfodderians (that's an ugly name, we need a new one - any suggestions?) I think would make good candidates. Go have a look and suggest yourself to mg if you're interested.

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Quel Surprise

What cartoon dog are you?
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October 24, 2002

Oddly, Martha Stewart Is Still Free

When "porn stars" are getting jail time for insider trading, satire doesn't stand a chance.

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October 22, 2002

Handy reference

We know now that shoe size is not useful, but this new study gives us a new measurement tool. I know I was desperate for one.

[Link via Media Dragon]

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It's a Good Thing

Well, well, well: The doyenne of domesticity, Martha Stewart, has made her bed and now she's going to have to lie in it -- and it doesn't look like the thread count of the sheets is going to exceed 150.

SEC is pursuing security-fraud charges against her. Shame. Damn shame.

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October 20, 2002

And you live where?

Stating your case for the stupidest state

well, I at least found it funny

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October 18, 2002

Hey There

Hey fellow blogfodder,
Hope everyone is well. I'm just writing to let you know I'm still alive and kicking. I left a similar post over at the Weigh In, indicating that I hope to resume posting in late November/ early December (after my wedding and honeymoon)...

Everyone be safe,

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Oops, We didn't do it the first time.

Blogfodder residents will likely notice that their interface to MT looks significantly different. At Dodd's request I poked around and noticed we'd missed a stylesheet when we installed the software. Oops.

Doesn't it look rather a bit sleeker with the all the proper settings!

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October 17, 2002


Since Dodd keeps using the word and complaining about the quotes, I say we rename the "air quotes" to "snarky quotes."

Also, MT is completely hellish in Mozilla/Netscape. The field for entering text in for this entry is approximately 3 characters wide. Makes it hard to edit, folks.

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No, Barbra, Not The Candy Bar

Scientists have confirmed that there's a huge black hole at the center of our galaxy. "This mysterious celestial object that sucks in everything around it including light." Further study is needed to determine of the object is, in fact, Barbra Streisand's brain.

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October 15, 2002

Welly, Welly, Welly, Welly, Well....

We have yet another new resident: TOH2 has been assimilated into The Blog and has begun posting over at O'Hearnia. Only those who know him well will truly understand what a monumental occasion this is. Check it out.

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Pumbaa - stay away from the hardware store

Duct tape really is good for everything!

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Late breaking news

Susanna and I were on IM tonight when the television stations broke the news that another shooting had occurred.

Suz has set up all of her links and I finally weighed in with my two cents and a transcript of our chat.

I live a scant seven miles from the latest shooting. Those choppers were flying low and fast tonight.

But not fast enough, it seems.

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October 13, 2002

Howdy Neighbors!

I suppose I'm the new guy on the block. I hardly have enough time to post on my own blog as much as I'd like, but I'll try to poke my head in here and say hi from time to time.

Thanks for all the welcomes (what is plural for welcome anyway?) over in my comments section!

Update: To make Page Happy... Linkie, Linkie, Linkie, Linkie, Linkie, Linkie, Linkie!


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Not much fun, but at least he wasn't bobbitized.

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Men complain about wives to women officers

Ya set up a station just for battered women, and look who shows up.

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October 12, 2002

A question has been raised

Why isn't Ipse Dixit listed on this page?

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October 11, 2002


Blogfodder residents should have noticed that their MT has been upgraded to v2.5. Somehow, the images in your interface were screwed up in this process, but I have the site guru looking into that so hopefully it will be fixed soon.

The new version includes some nifty new features, including a built-in search function and a new default template called "Clean". Feel free to rejigger your templates to include the new features. The default templates (which include the code needed for the search function) are available at movable type.

UPDATE: I have finished the MT v2.5 upgrade - which is to say I fixed your broken images. Your interfaces should have their proper appearance now.

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October 09, 2002

Heavy-handed Tactics Bite Back

The city of Houston is reeling from the aftereffects of the K-Mart incident in which 273 people were arrested in August. "The police chief might go to prison for perjury. The captain who led the raid might eventually be fired. Twelve other officers have been relieved of duty. And the city faces millions in potential legal costs."

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Wanna kill some time? The Paper Airplane Flight Simulator is pretty neat. <Via Ultimate Insult>

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Nurture vs. Nature (?)

This is an interesting piece.

But the cynic in me tells me the "mom" here is a little too much like me: Fatten 'em up so they'll taste better later.

Love animals. They are delicious.

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Smooth move(s)

This is a very cool story. Man fought the machine, and the man won.

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This just in (?)

I guess this is good news.

[Link via Brutal News, unfortunately ... not in a bad way, just in the it-wasn't-as-noticeable-as-it-could've-been-way.]

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October 07, 2002

Arresting designs

This story gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "fashion police."

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October 03, 2002

What a joke

Scientists have identified the funniest gag in the world.

Okay, yeah, if you're a guy.

On the other hand, the favorite joke in Belgium is insight into why the EU is doomed.

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One More

And here is just a small example of the nonsense going on in the state that I am just so privledged to live in!!

Also via Fark

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Have you seen this man?

If you're going to have the balls to rob a bank, then you must use your brain in order not to shoot your balls. Right? Btw, he's out there roaming around.

via Fark

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October 02, 2002

Royalty gone to the dogs

Princess Anne and hubby have been summoned to court, accused of letting their dog off the leash in the park this summer where he then attacked a couple.

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Dupe Alert, Part II

Someone played a hairy funny joke on the media recently.

No, I do not lisp.

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October 01, 2002

Dupe Alert!

Update to these stories: Babs responds to Matt Drudge.

WARNING: Click the second link at your own risk.

[Link, of course, via Drudge.]

UPDATE: Croooow Blog has an excellent excerpt from Tammy Bruce's scathing editorial on the "Self-Important Grand Dame of Full-of-Herself."

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Wow, that's bad cooking

A four-year-old in Austria called emergency services to report his granny's cooking.

Well, it was plum dumplings. Ew.

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Just so long as she keeps her nails trimmed

Dennis Ross of Nashville is a very brave or very stupid man.

I'm leaning toward the latter.

[Via Ananova]

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Expect glowing reviews

My local grocery store, Pathmark, has started selling irradiated ground beef. Looks like I'll be wearing that lead-lined jumpsuit next time I do my food shopping.

(Yes, I'm kidding. Please.)

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Jackson's face rescues Brit TV station

A television documentary on how Michael Jackson's face got so white set new highs for Brit Channel Five. Reports of the show ending the channel's reputation for being "a joke among many" were premature.

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They'd have to close down

I don't know if Jersey City police would survive this type of ruling.

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What's The Deal Here?

So, like, Page & I are doing all the work, here people. How about a little help, eh?

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Punk Rock Kittens

This is really more along Echo or Rhonda's line(s) than mine, but it deserves a link, anyway. <Via Cold Fury>

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Stupid celebrity fun

Drudge has yet another Barbra Steisand story that shows you don't have to be the sharpest knife in the drawer to be a success.

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